Choose your design

Tell us about your plans, take a look at the different materials and adapt the design to your individual preferences. We have developed a virtual kitchen planner with which we can visualize in 3D what the chosen design would look like in your home. Think about what you want to place where and plan your new kitchen with the help of our experienced design consultants.

When you have finished planning your dream kitchen, we will make you a detailed offer. As soon as you are satisfied with everything, you are ready for the last section of the path.

Delivery and installation

We can offer you fast and efficient assembly and installation by experienced professionals from our local network.

They are very familiar with our products and our range. Together with our customer service team, we do everything we can during the entire process so that you can enjoy the last section of the way and achieve your goal: a modern Innovo kitchen whose design and materials stand the test of time and support your daily routines and habits.