High quality design meets versatility

Innovo collaborates with internationally renowned architects to develop modern kitchen solutions and redefine the boundaries of the industry. A combination of architecture, design and interior design creates innovative, user-friendly and adaptable kitchens. On the way into the 2020s, we are exploring future-oriented trends in craftsmanship and technology. Since the kitchen is one of the most important places in our home, Innovo always focuses on the new demands of everyday life.

Room for personality

Kitchens are made for people with different personalities. Every home is different, and every room has to meet individual needs. We have made it our job to offer a wide range of modern design solutions that focus on the different requirements of our customers.

Comfort through comprehensive service

Tell us about your plans, take a look at the different materials and adapt the design to your individual preferences. We have developed a virtual kitchen planner with which you can run through all the options. Think about what you want to place where. Our experienced design consultants then visualize in 3D what the chosen design would look like in your home and help you plan your new kitchen.

Timeless aesthetics on the outside, long-lasting functionality on the inside

The interior of Innovo kitchens consists of a durable and modular system that is made from high-quality materials and corresponds to current market standards and dimensions. In this way, all of our kitchen solutions can be adapted to your specific requirements.